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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fly By .........

Hey Guys I know like many of you I have been crazy busy!! I wanted to fly by and drop off a few great links I have come across. I thought you might think they are pretty cool too. I also wanted to share with you my latest exciting news I sold 8 pieces of jewelry out of my Etsy Shop!!!! (Jumping around doing Happy Dance)   The first sale from a complete stranger. Ok now back to my post.....

You know how I love Pinterest and I came across this post and had  a why didn't I think of that moment.
              This will be so useful in so many ways, I will be making one of these for the craft room.

Oh my you can use this for your clay tools, jewelry tools and the best part is those are found easily
in most households. Go check out Aunt Peaches she gives you step by step on how to make this.

In 2013 I am going to really try to be more organized. When I happened upon
this I thought oh this will be so much easier, than trying to menu plan
on a piece of paper. It's also very CUTE!!

Hop on over to The Thinking Closet to find the tutorial on how to make this Menu Planner.
While you are there look around because she has some really neat tutorials.

Now for a Crock Pot Lasagna!! I have tried this recipe and let me tell you it is 
SO easy and YUMMY! 

Head on over to Creating Through Life she will give the recipe and exactly how to make this
yummy cheesy lasagna. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Well I am off to work and another busy day.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Bling Blog Hop 2 and 2nd Holiday Ornament Swap Blog Hop

Holiday Bling Blog Hop Reveal

Well the day is here I have two Blog Reveals today if you are looking for the Ornament Blog Hop
it will be located just below this one. I have had so much fun in doing both of these hops.

So I was paired with Shelley Turner, we had to come up with what we wanted to swap and we 
decided on holiday earrings. I LOVE to make earrings so this was going to be fun. So I 
was a little nervous to send Shelley polymer clay earrings because she is a fantastic 
polymer clay artist, but I took the plunge and sent her these.

Anyone that knows Shelley knows that owls are her thing so I had to send her
a pair of owl earrings!! 

I also sent her a little something to hang on her Christmas Tree.

So that's what I sent her go check out what she sent me >>>Shelley Graham Turner<<<

Please Hop on over to all the other participants blogs and check out what they swapped.

Melinda Abrahamson
Rita/ Toltec Jewels
Anitra Gordy Boyers

2nd Holiday Ornament Swap Blog Hop Reveal

Sally over at The Studio Sublime hosted this great Ornament Swap.
I love making and receiving new ornaments to go on my Christmas tree. I thought this would be a fun blog hop to take part in so. I signed up and was paired with D.Lynne from Island Girl's Insights, she lives in Canada and I live all the way in Alabama. I had a really good time getting to know her and she is an amazing glass artist. She also does beautiful seed bead weaving, so I tried my best to get a good photo of the intricate details. I really need to get a better camera, but for now this will have to do.

I love the unique design of this ornament and it looks great on my
Christmas Tree.

So please hop on over to the other participants and check out their ornaments.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gossiping Goddess Blog Hop Reveal

I am so excited, this is my very first Blog Hop. You may remember I blogged about the beautiful blue beads I received in a blog giveaway from Gossiping Goddess. Well we were given the challenge to create a piece that would do these beautiful lampwork beads justice. So this is my design!!

Look how vibrant the blue is I love this color.

                          I am still working on getting good photos, but hope I did these beads justice.

So now Hop on over and check the others designs out.
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Kathy Lindemer -
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Lori Bowring Michaud -
Amy -
Katherine Gale -

Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Came Early!!!

Ok so I have been wanting to start making my own ceramic beads and pendants for my jewelry.
So I set out to find me a very small kiln, I didn't want a new kiln to pricey for me. 
I am a true bargain shopper, so I went hunting on Craigslist.
 In a matter of days I had found the perfect one, a super nice
 lady Mrs. Linda had put up for sale (she used it for glass.) So I talked to the hubby
 he said if it's what you need and want then you can have it!!! How sweet is that 
then he said oh yeah and it's your Christmas present you get nothing else. 

Isn't it awesome? It is the perfect size for what I need and look how shiny.
So then I had to find some clay right? So google searching I went and came across 
Claudia's Mud Hut ( located in Pensacola, FL)and met the nicest couple.
 They have been doing ceramics longer then I have been living.
 They are full of knowledge and very eager to help ( thank goodness cause I am clueless.)
So 50lbs of clay later, yes you read it right 50lbs of clay!!! 
How many beads you think I can make with that?

So you know I had to get busy and start working on some beads.

Who knew that skewers can be used on beads?
So then I glazed and put them in the kiln. 
The next morning it was like Christmas morning as a child.
I jumped out of bed, ran to the garage and opened the lid.

They are so pretty and now I can't wait to make something with them. 
So what's on your Christmas list this year?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just dropping in....

Ok so I know for me and so many others this time of year is crazy busy, I work retail so it is wide open everyday. When I get home I am totally exhausted and know that I need to get in the studio...... but I just can't seem to get my behind off the couch. I have several blog hops that are to be completed by next week so I have got to get my behind in gear. Anyone else out there have this problem??

 Here are a few links that I found this week I thought you might want to check out. 90% were found through pinterest I'm addicted!!!

Pearls Handcuffs and Happy Hour posted a potato soup recipe that I tried out and it is AMAZING!! You know it was made in a crock pot. So simple you can't believe it turns out so creamy and YUMMY!! Drop over to her blog and check out all the recipes. Don't you just love the name?

Then I saw this a tutorial on tiny pillow boxes using TP rolls!!! This is perfect for all of us jewelry designers out there looking for nice packages to send our pieces in. She has really cool tutorials on her page go check it out over at

It's nothing like receiving a handmade gift, my mom taught me many years ago that if you make it from love it will be something they cherish forever. I know for me that is very true, mom is a big knitter/ crochet/ anything crafty (you think that's where I got it from) HAHA, so I love receiving handmade gifts. Anyway back to the link I came across this on Pinterest and thought it had some really great ideas. So go check it out The 36th Avenue and if you want to follow me on pinterest here's the link Tiff's Pinterest Boards.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recipe Time

It's time for me to bring you another amazing recipe, this week we are cooking Crock Pot Roast. There are several different variations that you can make depending upon what you have on hand. Please fill free to put your on zip to it.

1- Large Roast (any type) I go for what's on sale
1- Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1- Can of Cola (diet is fine) ------ this makes the best gravy
Salt and Pepper to taste

I was out of dry onion soup mix but you can add it if you have it, also throw potatoes and carrots in for a one pot meal. My lovely husband forgot to purchase the potatoes and carrots so we opted for roast with sides. Cook on low for 8- 10 hours and it is fall off the bone tender. ENJOY!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 Things About Me....

  1. What's your middle name? Danielle ( When I was younger I would tell my mom I wanted to go by Dani I thought that would be cool.... she didn't go for it)
  2. What's your favorite color? Pink of course
  3. Do you have any pets if so how many? I have 4 dogs 2 English bulldogs Frenchi and Lucille, a 2lbYorkie named Pebbles and last but not least Gizmo a Japanese Chin. They are my children and SPOILED rotten.
  4. Do you have any nicknames? Only Tiff. 
  5. Coffee or Tea? Both I LOVE my keurig coffee pot and it is one of the best purchases EVER!!! My favorite coffee in the fall is pumpkin spice, and I love red raspberry tea with local honey. YUMMO I'm going to grab me a cup right now.
  6. Where was your last vacation? I was blessed and able to go on three vacations this year. In April I went on a cruise to the Bahama's with my husband. September I went on another cruise with my mom to Cozumel (It was her birthday present) and then in November I went on a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains with my husband. I love to travel, hope I get to go on another one soon.
  7. What's your favorite TV show? Oh this is a hard one, I LOVE Criminal Minds!! My newest show that I have gotten hooked on would be Revolution, and of course love reality shows. Mostly the talent ones The Voice, Americas Got Talent, and American Idol are my favs.
  8. What's one thing someone would think might be strange that you do? I'm addicted to chapstick okay I said it sign me up for help. I carry it with me everywhere I go including at work, beading table, coffee table, and night stand. YES I have a problem!!!
  9. Night Owl or Early Bird? Early Bird I am in bed at least 10:00pm, I do my best thinking in the morning. My mind is clear and fresh before lunch after lunch its time for a nap.
  10. What do you sing while your in the shower? Whatever comes to me, I'm one of those people who never really knows who sings the song I just know if I like it.

     I hope you know a little bit more about me now.
P.S. When I get to 50 followers, I will have another giveaway. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Berries and Leaves Challenge

Artisan Whimsey is hosting yet another great challenge, I love anything that gets the creativity flowing. To be honest I hadn't planned on entering this but my muse decided otherwise. So these are the lovely polymer clay earrings I created for the holiday season.

If you haven't checked out Artisan Whimsey  just click on there name and it will take you to the site. It is a great group of Artisan's sharing their knowledge and having a fun. Please go over and check out all the other amazing entries in the challenge.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crock Pot Mac N Cheese

So I know this week everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving, so I had to share what I believe is the best mac n cheese ever!!! (This is my #1 request from the hubby during the holidays) I don't like to slave on the stove on Thanksgiving day I would much rather be watching the MACY's day parade. So why not use the crock pot???

2 C Elbow Macaroni
1 Lg can evaporated milk
1 C whole milk
1 stick margarine (melted)
2 C cheddar cheese grated
1/2 block of Velveeta cheese cubed
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook Macaroni and drain well add all ingredients in large bowl pour into crock pot. Add a little sprinkle of shredded cheese on top. Cook on low for 3 hrs.

Monday, November 19, 2012

What's in your mailbox??

When I was a little girl I have always loved getting mail, don't you?? (or am I just weird...... ok don't answer that) I mean not getting bills but a handwritten envelope with a special surprise inside. Well I have gotten one great package after another this week :)

From Sandra at Creative Chaos <<<< Go check out her blog
 I am going to make something very wonderful with these fibers!!
Oh and that's not all I got another package ( jumping up and down like a little girl )

I won this from Lesley over at Gossiping Godess <<< Go check it out
Yup LAMPWORK beads, Oh I can't wait to get to work on these!! The blue in these beads are just breath taking, I will post a picture when I get this put together.

Yeah one more blog I won a giveaway at------ I might need to play the lotto :)
Genea had a fantastic giveway at Genea Beads <<<<< You don't want to miss out on her work she is an amazing lampwork artist!!

So what goodies have you found in your mailbox lately??

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Winner is!!!

The Winner of the Destash is.
I decided to give away 2 instead of one I am so thankful for all my followers I thought why not. So drum roll please.
Sally Anderson come on down you are a winner!!!
Lady Grey you have also won a great destash from the Southern Gals Studio.

Thank you to everyone who entered please follow closely we will have more giveaways soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Back with a giveaway!!

Hey Ya'll I have been on vacation and boy did I need it. We went to Gatlinburg, TN for a week and now that I am back, I have all the washing and getting ready to go back to work YUCK! While I was there we traveled on the 8 mile Crafters Loop it is shop after shop of handmade goodies. I actually even came across a gentleman making lampwork beads, I had never seen the process in real life and WOW it is quiet an amazing process.

While I was gone I won 3 different Blog giveaways so I thought when I get home, I am going to pay it forward. So guess what!! I am going to have my very first giveaway, with all the bead soup I had on my work bench when I got home. You have Four different ways you can enter and it will give you one entry per comment. I will randomly select the winner on Sunday 11/18.

1- Leave a comment telling me where your favorite vacation spot is and why.
2- Follow my blog!!!
3- Share this giveway on your blog.
4- Share a Link on your Facebook page telling your friends about it.

Giveaway includes international and domestic.
Please include your email address in the comment so I can get in touch with you.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crock Pot Chicken!!!

I know it has been a little while since I posted a crock pot recipe, but its not because I haven't cooked in it. It's because I keep forgetting to take the pictures of the stages.... well I forgot again today. I know I love pictures (food porn) and I promise to do better but the recipe is what you really need anyway right? This recipe is a super moist chicken that is a staple in my weekly meal plan. It is super simple and I mean anyone can do this.

1- Whole Chicken (I get the free range when they go on discount)
1- Seasoning (salt, Pepper, lemon pepper, or anything else you want to through on it)
Cook on low for 4-6 hours
I use a liner for this and it makes clean up a snap.

That's is all!!! NO LIQUID goes into the crock pot either. The beauty of this is that you can season it up anyway you want and you can even put the chicken in frozen. This is the only way to go when you are cooking a whole chicken. I also have been known to put potatoes quartered and corn on the cob in there together a one pot meal. If you do the potatoes put them on the bottom and they will cook in the seasonings/juices of the chicken. After I remove all the chicken off the bone I then put the bones some veggies (celery, onion and carrots) back in the crock pot fill it almost to the top with water turn it on low overnight then you have chicken stock to can or freeze for later.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hooters Challenge

Artisan Whimsy is hosting a hooters owl challenge for jewelry designers! It allows everyone to create their own original designs using an owl in the design. I purchased this cute little owl and had never used it so what perfect timing. I wasn't able to get the best pictures but here it is. Please go over and vote for it starting 10/28 midnight- 10/30 midnight.
While you are there voting stop by and join Artisan Whimsey it is a great place to learn and get to know other jewelry designers. On this piece I just loved the bright colors on his little (feathers) and everyone who knows me knows I LOVE COLOR!! So I thought it was a great place to use the bright class beads I bought from the bead show.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo's how do they impact your online sells??

A Picture is worth a thousand words is an understatement when you are trying to sell your handmade pieces online. You have to have very good pictures in order to capture the detail of your work. It has to grab the person and say take me home, its not like you can pick it up and hold it or try it on. So the quality of picture is extremely important if you are trying to sell online. I had tried my hardest to get some what I thought was pretty good photos of my work, but I still am not getting the sales I think I should. So I reached out to a friend who is a professional photographer and she took a few pieces to photo. Oh MY!!! I think they look awesome and really pop I believe this will be eye catching to buyers.
What do you think?? How do you photo your pieces to make them speak to people?? I haven't posted this to my etsy shop but I am hoping that it will drive some sells. Please feel free to leave comments on what tips you have for online sells.