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My Art

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Helpful App!!

Ok so in my day job I work in the technology field, so I wanted pass on something that could help enhance ANYONEs life. It doesn't matter if you are a business owner, a stay at home mom, or a Student. So what in the world is Tiffany babbling about ok so here is the deal its an application for your Smartphone, tablet and laptops. The application is called Evernote its not a new app but just wanted to share how I use it in my jewelry business to help me stay a little more organized. You can download this app by going into your app market and downloading it (its FREE). Their logo is a green square with a elephant inside. Now onto what it does..... Evernote allows you to capture photos, voice recordings and text into a notebook. You can have multiple notebooks for me I have several here are just a few.

  • Bead Recipes- When I create a bead in glass or ceramic what colors I use and in which order makes a huge difference in the end result. Just like with glazes which Glaze you put on first will have a different out come. So I take a picture of the bead(s) (because I WILL forget what it looks like if it goes to a new home) then I type out what colors were used in the order I applied them. Make sense?
  • Jewelry Pieces- I take a picture then I write what size bead I used and anything such as where I purchased it from (you never know you might need to buy more) if there is a certain artist or manufacturer that I need to remember. If you want you could also refrence a price of the beads too.
  • Receipts- You could break this up into Wire, Fiber, Solder, Glass, Glaze etc. You just take a picture of the actual receipt so that when you are pricing things out you don't have papers every where.They are all in one place!!!
So I hope this gives you some idea, I did NOT get paid to write this. I just wanted to share how helpful this has been to me in keeping track of everything and still going green. There are many apps in the market that work similar I just find this one to be the best. Also I forgot to mention that when you set up the app it will ask for a username and password, this allows you to have multiple devices "synced" to the same content. Also if something happened to your device you can always just sign in with your info when you get another.

So if you have an questions please leave me a comment.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello again!!

Hello Cyber Universe!!! I have been MIA, for that I am sorry. I have had a lot going on in my little part of the world. I am going to try and dedicate time once a week to blogging because I truly missed you guys. So what's been going on in my world well I want go into everything but having a sick mother and sick mother in law is rough. Good news though my mother in law has completed all chemo and radiation treatments!!!! Wahoo Party time!!

 So now on to the beads and jewelry making piece. I have been making lampwork beads!! I took a 2 hour class back in March and fell in love with working with glass. So of course knowing me I jumped right in and bought a little hothead torch, it was a good beginning point but took FOREVER. So I came across someone getting out of lampwork and drove 9 hours to South Carolina, bought the entire studio and drove back. Crazy did someone just call me crazy, well maybe I am a little.  So since I have been spending every ounce of free time working on beads. There are literally beads EVERYWHERE in my house!! Sounds like fun to me, so here are a few photos of my studio and where you can find these beautiful beads.

 Look at all those colors!!
 Since I have added about 20 more pounds of glass!!

So you maybe thinking is Tiffany going to put down the clay? The answer
is NO, I am working a few things out to get my kiln going and the ceramic
components will began to flow once more.

So you want to see some of the pieces??
You can find these over on my Facebook Biz page.