My Art

My Art

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trying something new

Try something new..... Spice it up.

I have been looking around for a unique purse that was "different" and fit my needs. I like to carry a cross body purse it is easier and not as painful on my shoulder. Anyway I looked and never found one that just "spoke to me" so I decided to paint my own. So you wanna see?? I have completed a few purses and who can have a boring wallet with a cool purse? Nope I had to paint a matching wallet too.

Here is my cross body purse which I LOVE!! I will have a few to sell if you are interested either email me at OR check back on the blog and you will see my post.

How freaking cool is this??

So think outside the box and try something new you never know
what may happen. 


  1. Tiffany, I love it. You did a great job on these.

  2. I really love these! Did you actually sew the purse, etc., or was a plain ready made one???

    1. Thank you Cora for stopping, I find my purses everywhere from the thrift stores to the arts and craft stores. So to answer your question I have used plain and also printed and painted over them. I can't sew so thats not an option LOL

  3. They are so beautiful, Tiffany! Is there a tutorial video in the making about these??? (HINT, HINT!!!!)