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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mixing it up Loves Cottonwood Arts Blog Hop

Welcome to the Mixing it Up loves Cottonwood Arts blog hop!
This is a closed blog hop just for the members of the Mixing it Up Every Day Face Book group so that we can get to know each other better. Having said that, if you are not in our group, please feel free to leave a comment anyway and come join us over on Face Book. We would love to get to know you better too.

Tiare Smith Woods
Cat von Hassel-Davies
Betty Guffey Richardson
Tommy Jo Vilello Anderson
Melissa Willard Edwards

Are you a journal hoarder? 
Now that's a good question I don't think so but I think if your a hoarder
you are probably in denial. SO ...... you be the judge.
How many do you have and why different ones?
I think I have 9 total and 2 completed, so 7 that I work in depending on 
my mood and medium. The reason I have different ones is because
I work on multiple pages at a time. If you have seen any of my YouTube videos
you know that patience is not a strength of mine. So instead
of sitting around waiting on the paint to dry I move onto another
page often in a another book until that one is complete.

We were challenged to create a journal page that represents you. For me I had to 
use bold colors that I am always pulled towards. I just LOVE bold neon colors, I think it goes hand in hand with my personality. The quote that is written around the circles reads :
"perfect doesn't matter. just be you. dream your dreams, like what you like and stick to your gut feelings. be 100% truly, deeply, uniquely, strangely, passionately you. because you are enough. promise."  - the quiet rabbit


  1. Beautiful Page! I woulda never thought you lacked patience :)

  2. Ok, I guess I am a hoarder. LOL Love your page, and it is bright and bold. Great job :)

  3. Loving it Tiff.. hope you are enjoying the cruise!!!

  4. LOVE that quote and your bright colors! It is fun seeing everyone's journals!

  5. What a great quote! What a neat journal page! Although neons are not my style, I love how they work for you!

  6. Love your different journal...they look well loved. Great page! Awesome quote.

  7. I see you are a hoarder of journals, I so need to become a hoarder of them, I love your bright colors and the circles your work is great I must visit your you tube. Great meeting you.

  8. I always love your journal pages and I can so identify with the non-patience!! Your color chices are always perfect and I'm impressed that you have 2 that are finished!

  9. Tiffany, I think you are all about color, all the time. Your life is filled with it, to go along with your melodious, beautiful southern voice. We're not hoarders at all, we are collectors of memories, love and beauty! Keep up with your gorgeous work, girlfriend. We are all watching and learning from you!

  10. Love your use of bright colors and circles! I have recently started dabbling in another journal while what I am working on in one journal dries ... I used to only work in one at a time but working in several now feels so freeing! I want to try making circles like you! Great quote!

  11. Hi Tiffany! So great to visit your blog and read more about your sweet self :) I just love that quote and think it matches perfectly with your whimsical, vibrant page! Keep it up, chica!

  12. I always love your work!!! so glad you are joining in the hop!

  13. I too have many journals of different sizes and get impatient for things to dry.. Great colourful page you created.
    I'm hopping off..
    Sandy :)

  14. LOVE this pictures of your journals! they all look so yummy! Love the page you created. Very pretty.